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Here at UK Diamond Drilling we’re proud to have offered our expert drilling services to a range of customers in various commercial industries across the UK. Our commitment to providing a high quality, reliable service at all times means we’ve built strong relationships with our clients over the years, contributing to high profile projects of all sizes.

View some of our recent projects:


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    Diamond Drilling

    Aldi Distribution Centre, Rotherham – March 2015

    We can drill wet or dry, and manage the dust or water with the use of specialist suppression and collection equipment. Diamond drilling techniques are non-percussive and virtually vibration free, eliminating any risk to the operator and base material.

    We cater for all M&E installation requirements from just one hole, through to the full distribution of services throughout entire buildings.

    We can also provide more elaborate and skilful drilling techniques to satisfy unique design challenges.

    Stitch drilling, for example, is the method of creating an opening by performing a series of interconnecting holes. The advantage of this is the ability to form large openings where the access of a saw is restricted, or the material depth is out of reach of a saw blade.

    Some other application examples:-

    • Baseplate anchors for structural steel & racking erectors
    • Anchor bases for large/heavy machinery installation
    • Wall copings, balconies & staircases for railings and handrails
    • Car park, security and pedestrian walkway bollards and fence posts
    • Test cores, where the base material is required for strength/compression test analysis
    • Decorative lighting & street furniture installations

    Our capabilities include:-

    • Holes diameters from 6mm – 1000mm
    • Depths to 7m
    • Electric or hydraulic. Even under water for swimming pool installations

    We provide a professional service, skilled operatives, and react quickly to your needs.

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    Saw Cutting

    Epic House, Leicester – Jan 2015

    We provide solutions to any penetration requirements, either through walls or floors.

    Our specialist saw cutting equipment will cater for all your demanding project needs and includes petrol, hydraulic and electric units for internal and external use. Depending on the application, these can be hand-held, or hands-free remote control.

    Health & Safety is paramount to our daily operations, and of the utmost importance to us when working on your sites. We only use equipment that has minimal, or zero vibration for the safety and comfort of our operatives, and to allow increased productivity for our clients. We also use specialist dust suppression and/or water collection techniques to manage our waste and to comply with all industry safety requirements.

    If you would like any further information please call us to discuss your individual needs.

    Below is a recent project carried out at “Epic House” in Lincoln city center. The client was upgrading/converting the block to modern apartments. UK Diamond Drilling Ltd were requested to drill multiple hole diameters, on all 10 floors to facilitate the installation and distribution of M&E and fire detection services.
    The picture above shows works for an additional requirement to cut window openings on all floors, front and back. Our operatives worked from external “man-rider” hoists to complete the project ahead of the required deadline.

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    Slab Removal

    Sandicliffe Ford, Leicester – June 2015

    UK Diamond Drilling Ltd don’t JUST drill holes, we specialise in all concrete removal projects.

    Slab removal is a common requirement in renovation and alteration projects, and there are a number of ways to achieve the results. This will depend on specific site and client requirements and possible restrictions in terms of noise, vibration, dust, access and timescale etc.

    Here’s a 56 tonne upper floor slab removal project we recently finished to allow a new internal feature for our client. To keep vibration, and mess, to a minimum we used an electric floor saw to cut the slab into manageable sections and used a fork truck to remove the blocks to skips for disposal.

    The building had been erected prior to the widespread use of modern “stud-welding” techniques, so the slab had been cast into the supporting steelwork. We had to resort back to some manual effort around the beams to get the job finished… and a great job all round!

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    Internal / Controlled demolition

    Yarborough Leisure Centre, Lincoln – April 2015

    UK Diamond Drilling Ltd can provide specialist services specific to client requirements for all internal demolition projects.

    There may be a range of challenges facing architects, engineers and contractors who undertake “change of use” projects. These generally include removing walls and floor sections while maintaining the integrity of the structure, while also reducing or eliminating the risk of damage caused by excessive vibration.

    We are specialists in diamond drilling & sawing techniques, and robotic demolition, specifically for internal alteration purposes and can remove large sections of concrete and masonry with no vibration damage to surrounding structures.

    We can also use our remote controlled “Brokk” machines, with the breaker attachment, to demolish internal structures and slabs where larger, operator driven, units will just not fit. And, with the hydraulic jaws fitted, can crunch large sections while reducing vibration.

    All equipment we use internally is electrically operated and generally free from direct operator contact. When this is combined with water and dust suppression, we can provide a perfect solution to H&S requirements for dust, HAVS and noise.

    Above is a picture of us crunching an internal staircase using a Brokk machine

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    Induction Loops

    A453, Nottingham – September 2015

    Induction loops are found almost everywhere, and most of us will likely travel over dozens of them daily without even realising…. even though they generally make our lives easier as commuters, and safer as pedestrians.

    An induction loop is a metallic cable hidden in the road surface to act as a sensor. When it detects a vehicle passing over it, a signal is generated and something in the immediate area is triggered as a result.

    For example, car park barriers, traffic light & pedestrian crossing management and speed detection etc.

    You can identify their presence as a black bitumen square or chevron shape immediately in front of whatever they are controlling.

    UK Diamond Drilling Ltd install, remove, replace and maintain induction loop systems across the UK and employ specifically trained operatives.

    If you would like any further information please call us to discuss your individual needs.

    Above is a recent project carried out for a valued client on the A45 outside Birmingham Airport. Over a period of 2 days and night shifts we installed traffic management loop systems leading up to a pedestrian crossing on both lanes of the dual carriageway, in both directions.


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