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What is the best type of drilling for my needs?

If you’ve got an upcoming project on the horizon, you might be wondering what sort of drilling technique you need to accomplish the task. 

Here at UK Diamond Drilling, we provide a range of different drilling services to suit a variety of commercial and industrial applications. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the four main types of drilling techniques we provide and what they’re used for — helping you decide what you need. 

What is the best type of drilling for my needs? 

  • Diamond drilling 

What is it? 

Diamond drilling is a high-precision and percussion-free drilling technique. It uses a rotary drill and a diamond-impregnated drill bit to cut through the toughest of materials, including reinforced concrete and metal. 

Thanks to its in-built dust suppression system, low vibrations, and non-destructive accuracy, it’s a great choice that protects the health and safety of operators while also creating precise openings for a wide range of applications.

What is it used for? 

Diamond drilling is known for its versatility and is used for an array of situations including building and construction projects, civil engineering, tunnel openings, concrete sample analysis, extraction of minerals, or creating holes for pipes, bolts or wiring. Simply run your needs by our team who can advise further. 


  • Stitch drilling

What is it? 

Diamond stitch drilling creates overlapping and interconnecting holes to remove portions of concrete or other hard materials. These holes are also known as stitch cores and are used to generate openings of varying sizes and depths. The drill bit is impregnated with diamond to enable it to cut through hard surfaces with ease, efficiency and cleanliness. 

What is it used for? 

The overlapping holes created in stitch drilling give the user flexibility to create openings of differing shapes, depths and widths. This makes this method ideal for projects in tight spaces or places with limited access. Simply check with our team to see if stitch drilling is right for your requirements. 

  • Percussive drilling

What is it? 

Percussive drilling is a powerful technique that uses a hammering motion to break through hard rock or other material by repeatedly lifting and dropping the chisel-shaped drill bit into an opening. This sheer force then increases the size of the borehole.  

What is it used for?

Easy and effective, percussion drilling is suited for a range of applications where simplicity and force are required, including ground investigations and surface explorations. Just ask our team to see if percussion drilling is right for your project. 

Man percussive drilling.

  • Permeable road surface drilling 

What is it? 

Permeable road surface drilling is a technique that eliminates the need for rainwater drainage systems on roads. A grid layout of holes is drilled into the road’s subsurface before being overlaid with asphalt or another covering. 

What is it used for? 

Permeable road surface drilling is used for situations where a drainage or soakaway system is needed on a road surface, and acts as an alternative to the usual techniques of installing costly or complex rainwater or stormwater drainage. 

Still not sure? 

If you’re still not 100% certain which drilling technique is best for your needs, just chat to our experts — we’ll guide you to the right solution. 

Here at UK Diamond Drilling, we provide cutting-edge diamond drilling and concrete cutting services to support projects across Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. Established in 1993, our specialists are trained to a minimum of NVQ Level 2 and are fully accredited, certified and insured for the work at hand. To discover how we can help your project, please get in touch today. 

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